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  • Kelly Wariner

10 things to know for your first yoga class

New to yoga? If you're thinking about going to your first class, you might have worries about what it's going to be like. I did before I went to my first class, and that's totally natural when we start something new! Here are 10 things I wish I’d known when I started out, to put you at ease so you can walk in as cool, calm and confident as can be!

  1. You don’t have to be flexible. In fact, it’s yoga that can help you to become more flexible, so you’re in the perfect place!

  2. It gets easier with time. I remember trying to balance in my first yoga class - I thought I was going to topple over. If something feels challenging at first, don’t panic! Remember that everyone practicing yoga today was once a beginner. It's all good.

  3. Barefoot is the way forward. Or grippy socks if you prefer, but they're not necessary. You’ll avoid a lot of avoid slipping and sliding without socks on!

  4. No one cares if you can do all the poses or hardly any of them. It’s natural to worry about whether we’re ‘doing it right’, but remember that most likely, all anyone else is focused on is what they’re doing! Nobody’s watching you, and everyone is in the same boat.

  5. It’s impossible not to ‘do it right’! The moment you arrive you’ll be doing something positive for yourself, and that’s all that matters. As they say, yoga isn't about learning to tough your toes, it's about what you learn on the way down.

  6. Avoid a big meal beforehand. Otherwise it, erm, might not be the best feeling in Downward Facing Dog!

  7. You can ask questions! The class teacher is there to help and support you along your yoga journey, and it's far better to ask questions and learn, than stay quiet and feel confused. No question is a silly question!

  8. There's more to yoga than being flexible. Often yoga is referred to as 'just stretching', but in fact there's so much you can learn if you want to, from meditation and mindfulness to the spiritual aspects of yoga.

  9. Take your time. No matter what anyone else is doing, remember there’s no rush. Relax, smile, move at your own pace and have fun!

  10. It's okay to fall asleep in svasana. I promise you, you won't be the first or the last!

I hope these thoughts put you at ease and encourage you to take that first step... it might just lead to a journey you'll be glad you started! I find yoga can just be the best medicine, and hope you will too!

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