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Boost employee wellbeing

Yoga Classes

I offer in-house yoga classes for companies in Chippenham, consisting of breathing, meditation, physical movement and relaxation. Classes are typically tailored towards issues experienced at work including back pain, neck pain, shoulder tension and muscular tightness. They can be arranged before work, at lunchtime or after work, at a time to suit your staff. Mats can be provided; all that’s required is an office space. Practicing yoga offers so many benefits to employees, from reducing stress to improving posture and easing muscular tension. The benefits to employers are also many, with improved staff wellbeing helping to optimise productivity, reduce absence rates and save money. 

Workplace Wellbeing Workshops

I also offer bespoke in-house sessions that offer employees knowledge, understanding and techniques to enhance their wellbeing. These may include a talk on health and wellbeing at work, an introduction to mindfulness, an interactive desk stretching session and guided meditation. These sessions are individually planned and delivered in order to meet the interests and requirements of your staff. An electronic handout is provided after the session as a helpful resource for employees to use.


Please email to enquire and book.

"I recently started group yoga sessions with Kelly at my place of work. Kelly leads the sessions well, accommodating for everyone’s abilities and limits and has clearly tailored each session to reflect the tightness and tension office workers face sat at their desks all day. I particularly enjoy the relaxation period every class finishes with – I find it sets me up fantastically for a stressful day in sales."