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My Story

Hi! I’m Kelly. 


I am a Yoga Teacher and Wellbeing Coach, based in Chippenham and registered with Yoga Alliance Professionals.


Having been a runner since age of 14, I have raced from 5k to marathon and never been shy of taking on a challenge. But accruing a knee injury in 2016 prevented me from running for a while, and guided me to take a step back. I had to tone down the high-impact sports, learn why I was experiencing pain and understand what I needed to do to recover and prevent future injury. It was during this time that I discovered yoga.


From being inspired by Yoga with Adriene to attending several classes a week, going though this process of rest and recovery alongside developing a yoga practice ignited my interest in how the body and mind work. Yoga offers us so many ways to optimise our health for long-term mobility and wellness, from physical movement to breathing and relaxation techniques. I qualified as a Yoga Teacher with Sally Parkes Yoga in 2018.


Since then, I have also developed a meditation practice and discovered mindfulness, completing a course in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. I have found mindfulness to be a powerful tool particularly for anxiety, worry and stress, since it allows our thinking mind to slow down and brings us back into the present moment. Most recently, I furthered my journey into the wellness space by training as a Wellbeing Life Coach with Raw Horizons Academy and now offer 1:1 and group coaching in Chippenham.


In the world we live in, it’s not always easy to juggle commitments and handle day-to-day stress. But when we are happy and healthy, we are better equipped to rise to life’s challenges and be the best version of ourselves. Yoga, meditation and mindfulness have had an immeasurable impact on not only my physical health, but also my mental wellbeing and life in a broader sense. I’m stronger and more flexible. I’m less susceptible to injury. I have better posture. I breathe more fully. I’m better able to cope with anxiety and stress. I sleep better. I’m healthier. I’m happier. I'm more myself. 


I've found space to balance my mind, body and life, and my mission is to share this with you. Please get in touch if you have any questions, and I hope to see you soon!


Wellbeing Life Coach Training, Raw Horizons Academy (2019)

200hr Yoga Teacher Training, Sally Parkes Yoga (2018)