Hi, I’m Kelly.


I am a Yoga Teacher and Wellbeing Coach based in Chippenham, Wiltshire.


My journey wasn’t always about wellbeing… In fact, I only decided to ‘try yoga’ because of a running injury! I’d run up to marathon distance and I loved it, but a knee injury stopped me from running for a while and guided me to take a step back. So I took up yoga… and it ended up changing my life.


Yoga has not only got me back running and kept me injury-free, it’s given me peace of mind, space to escape the busyness of life and a practice to reconnect with myself. It’s opened up doors to meditation, mindfulness and many other practices and areas of knowledge. As a result, I’m stronger and more flexible. I have better posture. I breathe more fully. I sleep better. I’m healthier. I’m happier. I'm more myself. 


Something else about me… For a long time I said yes to everything, put too much pressure on myself and did so much that I barely stopped. As a result I struggled with stress and anxiety, I lost sight of what was important to me and constantly felt I wasn’t good enough. I don't pretend to have it all sorted (who does?), but over time I’ve embraced principles of slow living, minimalism and mindfulness, and these concepts have improved my life more than I can say.

These days I love nothing more than connecting with people, exploring new ways of living and sharing the practices that have helped me so much. I'm also a major outdoor enthusiast... not a day goes by when I don't head outside for a walk in nature, whatever the weather!


I believe that when we are happy and healthy, we are better equipped to rise to life’s challenges and be the best version of ourselves. So I’m here to empower you to simplify your life, take charge of your wellbeing and live intentionally in alignment with what matters most to you.


Whether you'd like to join me for a yoga class, some coaching or just fancy saying hi, you're very welcome. Please reach out if you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you.


Wellbeing Life Coach Training, Raw Horizons Academy (Nov 2019)

8-Week MBSR Mindfulness Course, Mindful Academy Solterreno (Oct 2019)

200hr Yoga Teacher Training, Sally Parkes Yoga (Jul 2018)


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